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Download and play Hidden Object Games on this site. All games can be downloaded for free and played free for one hour, to continue pay a small fee of $6.99 per game. Find all the hidden objects and progress through the game, while solving puzzles and experiencing adventures.

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  Top Games this week
You among other passengers are trapped and to be able to escape you need to discover the secret of the Dark Seas! Epic Escapes: Dark Seas
After being kidnapped, Liz must free the Underworld from the tyranny of Scartaris Umbra. Journey: The Heart of Gaia
The residents of Bitterford, Maine have fallen prey to a terrible curse. It’s up to you to unravel the series of mysterious events that led to the town’s downfall and uncover the evil that was responsible. Mystery Case Files®: Shadow Lake Collector's Edition
A mysterious fortune teller has foreseen her demise at midnight this very day. Can you find the soul who seeks to kill Madame Fate? You be the detective. Mystery Case Files: Madame Fate®
Help detective Ashley Clark uncover the truth behind a series of mysterious kidnappings, and reveal the secrets of the ruby pendant! Ashley Clark: Secret of the Ruby
Help Scarlett write her next novel! Manor Memoirs Collector's Edition
Latest Hidden Object Games

Cursed House 3
This house is cursed and it has been a haven of evil spirits for as long as anyone can remember. Who dares to banish them? Charge the ancient amulet and cleanse the house from the evil using your Match 3 skills! Enjoy mini games including solitaire, hidden object and spot the difference scenes. Do you have what it takes to lift the curse and restore the home to its former beauty?

Amaranthine Voyage: Winter Neverending
The cold holds many secrets...
Dark Romance: Kingdom of Death
Sail to the Underworld!
Grim Facade: Monster in Disguise Collector's Edition
Bloody Stanley's back!
Demon Hunter 3: Revelation
Follow the missing girl's trail!
Mystery of the Ancients: Mud Water Creek
Love doesn't end after death...
Green Moon 2
Make the Moon green and beautiful again. Embark on an adventure!
Love Chronicles: Beyond the Shadows
Will you choose the darkness, or the light?
Black Swan
Explore the haunted history of a ballet school
Haunted Hotel: The Axiom Butcher Collector's Edition
The Butcher is back...
Edge of Reality: Ring of Destiny Collector's Edition
That's no ordinary dog...
Amaranthine Voyage: Winter Neverending Collector's Edition
The cold holds many secrets...
Dark Romance: Kingdom of Death Collector's Edition
Sail to the Underworld!
Cadenza: Havana Nights
Music can be deadly...
Demon Hunter 3: Revelation Collector's Edition
Follow the missing girl’s trail!
Fear for Sale: The House on Black River
Answers come at a price...
Mystery of the Ancients: Mud Water Creek Collector's Edition
Love doesn't end after death...
Endless Fables: The Minotaur's Curse
The fate of the entire world hangs by a thread!
Love Chronicles: Beyond the Shadows Collector's Edition
Will you choose the darkness, or the light?
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