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Download and play Hidden Object Games on this site. All games can be downloaded for free and played free for one hour, to continue pay a small fee of $6.99 per game. Find all the hidden objects and progress through the game, while solving puzzles and experiencing adventures.

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  Top Games this week
Use your Paranormal Crime Investigation skills to solve a string of bizarre murders plaguing the city of New Orleans! Paranormal Crime Investigations: Brotherhood of the Crescent Snake Collector's Edition
Help Scarlett write her next novel! Manor Memoirs Collector's Edition
Meet the difficult challenges set before Tara by a magical peacock, and explore a mysterious realm to fulfill her destiny! Age Of Oracles: Tara`s Journey
Join Diego and Baby Jaguar on safari as they set out to break the spell on the elephants, helping other animals along the way! Diego`s Safari Adventure
Play five different dinosaur games in one. Diego`s Dinosaur Adventure
Step into the shoes of investigator Frances Keegan and track down a tax evader suspected of murder. Criminal Investigation Agents: Petrodollars
Love is just a few heartbeats away! It's up to you to to match Emos for a lifetime of bliss (for the most part). Emo`s MatchMaker
Gather the Nine Gems to solve an ancient mystery in this unique and fun action puzzler. Pharaoh`s Mystery
Samba your way to the tropical paradise of Rio de Janiero! Search for thousands of cleverly hidden items and play fun mini-games along the way. Big City Adventure: Rio de Janeiro
Latest Hidden Object Games

Forgotten Kingdoms: Dream of Ruin
Brought to you by Vast Studios, creators of the Nightfall Mysteries and Dark Canvas series, comes a thrilling new fantasy brand!You're an Ambassador from a distant kingdom, carrying a prince's marriage proposal to the lovely Princess Selene. But Selene has been having recurring nightmares that her kingdom will be destroyed if she marries. She refuses her heart's desire... and a mysterious spell suddenly sinks her into a deadly reverie. The heartsick Queen binds your life to Selene's– if you don't save her, you'll die, too! Can you find a cure in time - or will both your lives be forfeit to Selene's visions? Find out as you travel through distant lands in this exciting Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game!

Echoes of the Past: Wolf Healer Collector's Edition
Defeat a dark power and save your fellow Healers!
Grim Facade: The Artist and the Pretender
A tyrant has taken over Florence, destroying priceless art!
Riddles of Fate: Memento Mori Collector's Edition
Death needs your help!
Clutter IV: Minigame Madness Tour
It’s just Clutter, Clutter and more Clutter!
Criminal Investigation Agents: Petrodollars
Track down a tax evader suspected of murder!
Shrouded Tales: The Spellbound Land
Call upon your magical powers to save your town from evil!
Paranormal Pursuit: The Gifted One Collector's Edition
A breathtaking paranormal adventure!
Maestro: Dark Talent
Diva's dark talent claims another victim!
League of Light: Wicked Harvest Collector's Edition
Who is terrorizing Blake’s Mountain?
Mystery Castle: The Mirror's Secret
Explore Mystery Castle and save your daughter from Groth!
Queen's Quest: Tower of Darkness
Help protect the kingdom from the demons of the past!
Labyrinths of the World: Shattered Soul
Travel through the worlds and save Margaret!
Whispered Secrets: Into the Wind Collector's Edition
Who controls the mysterious storms?
Fierce Tales: Feline Sight
The cat’s outta the bag!
Dark Realm: Queen of Flames Collector's Edition
Discover a mystical kingdom full of adventure... and dark secrets.
Death and Betrayal in Romania: A Dana Knightstone Novel
Trapped by a lovestruck ghost!
Grim Legends 2: Song of the Dark Swan Collector's Edition
Prove the young queen's innocence!
Mystery Trackers: Blackrow's Secret
A two-hundred-year-old secret...
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