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Download and play Hidden Object Games on this site. All games can be downloaded for free and played free for one hour, to continue pay a small fee of $6.99 per game. Find all the hidden objects and progress through the game, while solving puzzles and experiencing adventures.

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  Top Games this week
You among other passengers are trapped and to be able to escape you need to discover the secret of the Dark Seas! Epic Escapes: Dark Seas
Experience a story about love so strong, it can overcome the most powerful evil! Explore visually stunning mystical dimensions and rescue your fiance! Sacra Terra: Kiss of Death Collector's Edition
After being kidnapped, Liz must free the Underworld from the tyranny of Scartaris Umbra. Journey: The Heart of Gaia
After searching for five years, Princess found her mother– only to have her kidnapped right before her eyes! Royal Detective: Queen of Shadows
A late-night subway ride takes a bizarre turn into a mystical cemetery. You have been summoned by a strange entity to free the cemetery’s lost souls. Will you succeed, or is this the end of the line? Redemption Cemetery: Salvation of the Lost Collector's Edition
Step into the shoes of investigator Frances Keegan and track down a tax evader suspected of murder. Criminal Investigation Agents: Petrodollars
Capture the evil Dr. Chaos, a dangerous criminal, by finding hidden objects and analyizing his every move. Interpol: The Trail of Dr. Chaos
Explore the zombie island and break an ancient curse! What caused the disaster? Was it a virus or magic? Mysteries of the Undead
Push your detective skills to the limit in a fantastical faraway land and find a prince's lost love. Detective Quest: The Crystal Slipper Collector's Edition
Latest Hidden Object Games

Spirit of Revenge: Florry's Well Collector's Edition
Vendel Games proudly presents the next installment of the Spirit of Revenge series! An old friend recently purchased a haunted pub. What was once a friendly ghost has started attacking the pub's patrons! It's up to you to find out what’s plaguing this restless spirit. Can you help your friend in time, or will you fall prey to this vengeful spirit? Find out in this haunting hidden-object puzzle adventure!

Chimeras: Cursed and Forgotten
You're off to Scotland!
Vermillion Watch: Moorgate Accord Collector's Edition
What's prowling the London streets?
7 Roses: A Darkness Rises
Solve the riddle of eternal Darkness
The Secret Order: The Buried Kingdom
This childhood fantasy isn't all it's cracked up to be...
Dark Dimensions: Blade Master Collector's Edition
That's no parlor trick...
Grim Facade: Monster in Disguise
Bloody Stanley's back!
Surface: Lost Tales Collector's Edition
Is anyone as they appear?
One Way Flight
Uncover the mystery of an uninhabited island!
Midnight Calling: Jeronimo Collector's Edition
The forest holds many secrets...
The Curio Society: New Order
Emotions are a powerful weapon...
The Keeper of Antiques: The Revived Book Collector's Edition
Books can be deadly...
Invasion 2: Doomed
Explore new worlds and save the Earth from catastrophe!
Sea of Lies: Leviathan Reef
A pirate's life for you!
Dreampath: Curse of the Swamps Collector's Edition
Can you fight mother nature?
Redemption Cemetery: At Death's Door
Evil lurks in the cemetery...
Hidden Expedition: Midgard's End Collector's Edition
Not all myths are fiction!
Backstreets of the Mind
Travel through time and try to change your past.
Haunted Hotel: The Axiom Butcher
The Butcher is back...
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